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Aug. 14th, 2005 | 04:21 am
posted by: aguynamedgoo in pomatoverse

Here it is, where the Pomatoverse all begins. It's just the prologue and not the actual beginning of where the action starts, but it sets up where everything begins nicely.

The expression on Kagami's face made it evident that he knew he was in trouble when he opened the door. He couldn't honestly have expected the two Himikos to get along if he left them alone. And even if he was foolish enough to honestly believe that they would somehow manage to not kill one another if left locked inside a room unsupervised, he couldn't possibly have been stupid enough to believe that they would both come out loving him.

Himiko was standing on the right side of the bed, eyes blazing, wearing an expression of pure hatred. This wasn't much different from her expression when Kagami had locked her in this room- no, it was a cell. No, the problem lay in the other Himiko, standing on the left side of the bed, living up to her title as Himiko's mirror. She hadn't had that expression when he'd left.

“Ah, so you're both alive. That's a good sign, at least,” Kagami said, smiling. But Himiko could tell it was a nervous smile. He knew that this situation wasn't going to bode well for him.

“You made two very big mistakes,” Himiko told him evenly. “First, you left two women alone in the same room who are both much more capable of hatred than love.”

Kagami swallowed and looked at Himiko's mirror image, waiting for her to come to his defense. “And what was my second mistake?”

It was the mirror that answered him that time. “You came back.”

Both of the Himikos moved almost as one, lunging forward at him and knocking him back into the hallway, their movements identical. Identical perfume bottles manifested in their hands, and they were both poised to use them. Kagami looked at the mirror, terrified.

“B-but...I thought you loved me?” he asked, sounding almost hurt. But Himiko knew it was fear for his life that was inciting that tone, not affection for her double. And somehow, she knew her mirror knew that as well.

“Kagami Kyouji,” Mirror-Himiko said, her voice full of venom, but the next words came out of Himiko's mouth with equal anger.

I hate you!

Kagami shrank away from the light above him, as Himiko stood, poised to attack him, not even noticing that she and her mirror were both glowing. She swiped her bottle through the air, and although her mirror made the same motion, only one stream of Flame Scent hovered before Kagami.

He stared at the girls even as he exhaled fire, his lungs burning more with every breath he took. Himiko kicked him to the ground, her mirror making the same motion with a foot that was growing more transparent. Himiko lifted Kagami, and the hand next to hers was nearly invisible although Himiko would have sworn that it was the combined strength of two people that tossed him into the actual mirror, shattering it. She punched him in the face and left him bloody and gasping for air. She had more important things to do. Like get out of there.

Stepping out into the hall, she realized that Kagami hadn't been stupid enough to come back to retrieve her alone. Not wondering why they wouldn't try to help him (who could blame them?), she took a perfume bottle in each hand and began to clear a path. These were powerful people, and only her blind rage was sustaining her at this point, but she didn't care. She didn't notice the brutal carnage in her wake as she just kept heading in one direction, not even sure where she was. She didn't register that this was an inhuman level of strength and speed.

She came out into a large, dark room, lit by a single florescent light. In it were two huge doors, ornate and heavy-looking. She stopped, and the doors that she had had gone through to get into that room slammed shut. She looked around for another exit, and the anger and adrenaline running through her veins began to subside as a sense of fear and urgency began to come over her. She could feel warm blood sliding down her cheek- was it her own?- and didn't dare look down at her clothes to see the evidence of what she had done in her blind rage. Get out first, worry about the guilt later.

But she couldn't see any doors. Not even the doors she had come through. She knew Babylon City had mastered the art of illusions, but that wouldn't help her find an exit. Only those big, fearsome doors seemed to offer her a way out...

“Go,” a voice urged. A man stepped out of the shadows, and Himiko had to squint to make him out in the darkness. She couldn't see his eyes. Just the stubble on his face, his tan trench coat. “Go now.”

“What is that?” Himiko asked. She didn't know what was going on. She just knew that whatever those doors were, she was afraid of them.

“You'll find out soon. But you don't have much time,” the man continued, his voice growing impatient. He was suddenly right next to her, and making her feel most uncomfortable.

Suddenly, doors opened from all sides of the room but the one where those imposing doors stood. Himiko whirled around. More faceless Babylon City “Gods” and...

“Himiko-chan!” Ginji cried out. Ban pushed past him and ran toward Himiko.

“Himiko, what happened? Are you all right? Where's your mirror?” Ban asked urgently, looking at her blood-soaked clothes and face.

“Masaki-san, what are you doing here?” Ginji asked the man, who was looking at the pandemonium that had just broken out.

Masaki seized Himiko's arm and stepped forward toward the Gate.

“Himiko!” Ban cried, but someone had gotten in the way. He started kicking at them.

“Masaki-san, what are you doing with Himiko-chan?!” Ginji asked in shock.

“I'm sorry,” Masaki whispered into Himiko's ear. Then he tossed her so that she stumbled roughly into the doors, which opened automatically before she could collide with them.


Himiko woke up in layers. First, she could feel stone underneath her, cold and hard and uncomfortable. The next sense that came to her was her sense of smell. She could smell granite and soil and vegetation and a purity in the air that could only be found far from the city.

Hearing was next. Birds singing, small animals crawling through the brushes, water lapping over something. It was soothing. It almost made Himiko want to forget about being uncomfortable or even about regaining consciousness fully, and instead settle in and go back to sleep. But no, her eyes insisted on opening to filtered sunlight through trees, to a mosaic of stone bricks beneath her, to a bug crawling over her hand...

She sat up too fast in her desire to shake the insect off, causing dizziness that almost sent her back onto the stones. She sat still for a moment, trying to fight off the dizziness and nausea and figure out where she was at the same time. It took her a good ten minutes before she was stable enough to stand, and another minute or so before she could walk.

She went in the direction of the water, and stood on the edge, staring out across a vast lake. And it had to be a lake, because she couldn't smell any salt in the air. She had never seen a natural lake this big in Japan, although that didn't mean they didn't exist, she told herself.

She looked back at the woods, then at the docks across the lake. She could see no boats docked there, and yet she couldn't see any from where she stood on the...island? Was this an island? If she kept walking, would she go in a circle or would she eventually come to civilization?

She finally spoke out loud. “Where the hell am I?”

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(no subject)

from: velvet_ropes
date: Aug. 14th, 2005 07:16 pm (UTC)

Himiko-chan's definitely not in Kansas anymore. xD

Sorry sorry, couldn't help myself. ^^ Great start!

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(no subject)

from: gisho
date: Aug. 15th, 2005 04:24 pm (UTC)

Ooooh. This is going to be SO FUN.

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